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Teeth Whitening Side Effects

Know These Potential Teeth Whitening Side Effects

Teeth whitening side effects are usually limited to tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. (1) But it’s important to know what teeth whitening side effects are associated with different products. Even professional teeth whitening can cause teeth whitening side effects. (2)

What to Expect from Teeth Whitening Side Effects

Before whitening your teeth, review the potential teeth whitening side effects associated with these products and treatments:
  • Toothbrushes and Floss: Non-chemical products that clean and whiten your teeth, including electric toothbrushes and whitening toothpaste, have very few teeth whitening side effects. (1), (2)
  • Whitening Strips: Potential teeth whitening side effects associated with whitening strips include irritated gums and tooth sensitivity. (1), (2)
  • Whitening Trays: Potential teeth whitening side effects associated with teeth whitening trays used for either at-home or professional treatments include sensitivity when the trays are left on too long (which can also potentially occur if strips are left on too long), and irritation to the tissues in the mouth if bleaching solution leaks out of ill-fitting trays. (1), (2)
  • Laser Whitening: Laser whitening procedures in a dentist’s office can cause similar teeth whitening side effects to those seen with bleaching trays, in response to the gel applied to the teeth before the laser treatment. (3)

Reduce Your Risk of Teeth Whitening Side Effects

One of the best ways to protect yourself from potential teeth whitening side effects is to choose quality products, such as whitening strips with seals that fit closely to the teeth. And be sure to follow instructions on the products to reduce your risk of teeth whitening side effects.


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