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Why Should I Whiten My Teeth?

Why Should I Whiten My Teeth?

Are you wondering, “Why should I whiten my teeth, and is it worth the cost and effort?” Whitening your teeth is easy and worthwhile. Studies have shown that appearance, including the appearance of your teeth, matters in all areas of life, including psychological health (self-image), personal interactions (dating, community activities), and professional advancement. (1), (2)

If I Whiten My Teeth, Will I Feel More Confident?

Yes, because people will respond to you more favorably. The old adage that you only have one chance to make a first impression is one reason many people are saying, “I want to whiten my teeth.” Findings from a study in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry in 2001 showed that the appearance of the teeth in particular affected study participants’ first impressions of other people. Other studies have shown that people focus mostly on a speaker’s eyes and mouth when talking. You can work out at the gym and wear a stunning outfit, but if you want to make a good impression, put “whiten my teeth” on your list of ways to improve your appearance.

Whiten My Teeth, Brighten Someone’s Day

If you've added “whiten my teeth” to your to-do list, you have also decided to improve your social and professional life. But something as simple as a decision to whiten your teeth can improve not only your mental health, but the mental health of those around you. When you share your whiter smile with others, you're giving them a psychological boost. In a study conducted by the American Dental Association in conjunction with Crest and Oral-B, 87 percent of survey respondents said that they felt better when someone, even a stranger, smiled at them. (1)

An Easy Way to Whiten My Teeth

Are you considering teeth whitening, but asking yourself, “Can I afford to whiten my teeth?” The answer is yes. When you put “whiten my teeth” on your to-do list, you can choose from many affordable products that you can use at home. Some whitening strips have concentrations of whitening products similar to those used by dentists. Whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, and whitening mouth rinse allow you to check "whiten my teeth” off your list in the comfort of home for reasonable prices. For example, you can spend $45 for a package of 20 strips with a higher concentration of whitening ingredients or for a more gradual teeth whitening experience, you can spend $25 for a package of ten strips with a moderate level of whitening.

Whiten My Teeth My Way

If your list of ways to improve your appearance includes “whiten my teeth," you'll get the most from your teeth whitening products by following the instructions and using the products correctly. If you don’t have 30 minutes to apply whitening strips, choose the whitening strips that only require five minutes of application. The right product to meet your goal to whiten your teeth is the one that suits your lifestyle.


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