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White Smile Emergency? Get Smile-Ready by the Weekend

White Smile Emergency? Get Smile-Ready by the Weekend

Are you attending a wedding, birthday party, class reunion, or company event this weekend? When significant plans creep up on you unexpectedly, achieving a white smile may quickly rise to the top of your to-do list.

While to-do lists can be overwhelming, this is one item you’ll be able to check off quickly—with very little time or effort. More importantly, you’re likely to spend less money on your teeth than you might on the gifts, clothes, or other accessories on your special-event list.

Three Days to a White Smile

Thanks to advances in teeth-whitening technology, there are at-home whitening solutions that offer noticeable results in just a few days—giving you a perfect white smile in plenty of time for your big weekend plans.

When you need a white smile fast, Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects offers a noticeably whiter smile in just three days. When you spend an hour a day—two applications of just thirty minutes each—you can achieve the white, bright smile and wow your friends, family, or colleagues. Having whiter teeth will leave you feeling better and more confident, ready to take on any event that may unexpectedly wind up on your calendar.