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Sensitivity Toothpaste for Mild Whitening

Sensitivity Toothpaste for Mild Whitening

If you cringe in pain every time you eat or drink something extremely hot or cold, you most likely have sensitive teeth, and you may want to consider switching to sensitivity toothpaste. Many people with sensitive teeth are reluctant to try teeth whitening products, but now there are many sensitivity toothpastes designed to help whiten teeth. This is great news, since having a brighter smile can help improve your confidence and boost your self-esteem.

Sensitivity Toothpaste: Who Should Use It

Anyone who experiences tooth sensitivity can use specially-formulated toothpaste. One in five adults suffers from tooth sensitivity. Often, those who have recently undergone significant dental work may experience sensitive teeth, and can therefore benefit from sensitive toothpaste. Other causes of teeth sensitivity include brushing too hard, gum disease and age. To prevent tooth sensitivity, it’s a good idea to brush with a soft bristle toothbrush and use a sensitivity toothpaste.

Ingredients Found in Sensitivity Toothpaste

Therapeutic stannous fluoride is used in Crest Pro-Health Whitening Toothpaste and protects against tooth sensitivity, gingivitis, plaque, and cavities. This powerful ingredient combined with sodium hexametaphosphate, a stain- and tartar-fighting ingredient, can provide noticeable whitening for the most sensitive teeth. (1)
Fortunately, with sensitive toothpaste products that combine whitening ingredients and ingredients that protect against sensitivity, everyone has an equal opportunity to show off a bright, white smile. Whitening toothpaste is mild enough to be safe for most people, although some people report that it makes their teeth feel more sensitive. To solve that issue, there are now whitening toothpastes that offer sensitivity protection like Crest Pro-Health Whitening Toothpaste.


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