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Whiter Teeth: The Key to Your Dream Job?

Whiter Teeth: The Key to Your Dream Job?

Unsure about whitening your teeth? Maybe this will help make up your mind: having whiter teeth may just help you land your dream job.

If you’ve ever wondered how important your smile is when making a first impression such as during a job interview, keep reading. Research demonstrates the value of having whiter teeth. In fact, having whiter teeth may just set you a notch above another qualified candidate. A study shows that people with whiter teeth appear more confident and are more likely to get hired after an interview.

The Impact of Whiter Teeth

A study conducted by an independent research firm in 2007 produced proof that a beautiful whiter smile has a strong, defined effect on meaningful personal interactions, both in social and professional realms. The study indicated that a whiter smile significantly affects how other people consider you when you first meet. The study, which included simulated job interviews, showed that more than half of the study volunteers were more likely to be offered a job (58%) and given larger salary contracts (53%) after their teeth were whitened. The scientists conducting the survey also discovered that most of the people participating in the study were viewed as more professional (65%) and more confident (61%) after whitening their teeth.

How to Get Whiter Teeth—And Land the Job

Make sure you have whiter teeth than your job competitor. Start a teeth whitening regimen today. There are a wide variety of highly-effective at-home options to help you get a whiter, bright smile and whiter teeth.  For those who want professional level whitening results but are short on time and want to maintain a sensible budget, the best tooth whitener for you may be Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects. This product provides professional level whitening, can be purchased at your local drug, food or mass retailer, and whitens as well as the $500 treatments you may find in a dental office (compared to lights and lasers). With Professional Effects, you will see whiter teeth in just three days – in time for your interview! However, with in-office whitening treatments, you may see whitening effects after just one visit.