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Selecting the Best Tooth Whitener

Selecting the Best Tooth Whitener

Everyone's whitening needs are a bit different, so while there may not be any single product that can be named the best tooth whitener, there are certainly some candidates that shine above the rest. When comparing products, finding the best tooth whitener for you can be easier if you determine what you are looking for in a whitening program. When shopping for the best tooth whitener for you, some important considerations include:

• What is your budget?
• How much whitening power do you need?
• How quickly do you need to see results and how long do you want them to last?
• Are your teeth sensitive?
• Do you have dental work such as crowns, veneers, partials or fillings?
• How much time will your schedule allow for teeth whitening?

Finding the Best Tooth Whitener

One way to determine the best tooth whitener for you is to write down the answers to each of these questions and take them to your dentist for his or her opinion. In addition, you may want to take a look at the products available in your local drug store and ask your dentist to help you compare the various offerings and identify the best tooth whitener for your needs.

For those who want professional whitening results but are short on time and want to maintain a sensible budget, the best tooth whitener for you may be Crest 3D White Professional Effects. This product provides professional level whitening, can be purchased at your local drug, food or mass retailer, and whitens as well as the $500 treatments you may find in a dental office.