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Best Teeth Whiteners for Those with a History of Dental Work

Best Teeth Whiteners for Those With a Long Dental History

Have you spent more hours than most with your dentist, but still want to know what the best teeth whiteners are for you? Chances are, if you have a long history of dental work resulting in fillings, crowns, caps, bondings, laminates, or veneers, you may have heard you can't achieve a beautiful white smile.

Will the Best Teeth Whiteners Work on My Teeth?

While some of the best teeth whiteners include professional gels and peroxide-based whitening strips that won't work on these types of dental work, you are not without hope. The best teeth whiteners for you are preventative and include a stringent oral hygiene regimen of brushing, rinsing, and flossing. This will help remove surface stains and prevent additional stains from setting on your teeth. It's also a great idea to stay away from dark beverages such as tea and coffee, which can stain both your teeth and dental work materials.

If it's too late for prevention and you're still in search of the best teeth whiteners, try a whitening toothpaste and whitening rinse.

Best Teeth Whiteners: Do They Function on Dental Work?

Chances are, when your dental work was performed, crowns and caps, or other dental work probably matched the color of your teeth. While your teeth are likely to darken over time, your dental work may not. In this case, whitening strips could lighten your discolored natural teeth back to a color that matches your caps, partials, veneers, or other dental work. Consult with your dentist first, but most of the best teeth whiteners such as whitening strips will not damage dental work. Most manufacturers will clearly state, however, that the strips will not whiten your dental work. Keep this in mind when considering your options and always consult with a dental professional.