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In Pursuit of the Best Teeth Whitener

In Pursuit of the Best Teeth Whitener

Are you a perfectionist in pursuit of the best teeth whitener? The real truth is that there is no such thing as the "best teeth whitener". Because everyone's teeth and whitening goals are different, what may be the best teeth whitener for you may be different from your co-workers, family members, or friends. That's why it's important to determine your desired results before selecting a teeth whitening system.

The Key to Finding the Best Teeth Whitener: Define Your Desired Results

Can't make sense of all the types of teeth whiteners on the market? You're not alone—it can be very overwhelming. There are dozens of types of whitening programs—some you can only get from your dentist, although many of the best teeth whiteners are sold in your local big-box retailer or neighborhood drug store.

Before beginning your search for the best teeth whitener, take a look in the mirror and evaluate how much whiter you want to go. Many people who want to start a whitening program just need a jump-start or maintenance program to help prevent future stains and build-up. Others have significant discoloration and want drastic results. Fortunately, there are solutions for everyone seeking the the teeth whitener that is best for their needs. The first step is taking a serious look and identifying your whitening goals.

Best Teeth Whitener Self-Evaluation

To identify the best teeth whitener for you, select the phrase that best matches your whitening needs.

I need gentle whitening.

Got sensitive pearly whites? Those looking for gentle whitening can achieve the best results with a product like Crest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle Routine. This product offers a less concentrated formula, which is ideal for those with teeth sensitive to whitening or those with mild stains or discoloration. The good news is that this product typically only requires five minutes per day and offers subtle whitening.

I want to protect my teeth from future stains.

If you're a coffee fanatic or wine aficionado, you want to keep your teeth protected. Defending your teeth from stain-causing substances such as coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco can be achieved with a mild maintenance whitening product such as Crest 3D White Whitestrips Stain Shield. This product also deep cleans to whiten and remove everyday surface stains.

I am looking for dramatic results.

For you, the best teeth whitener is the one that will cause your friends to say "Wow! Did you whiten your teeth?" You may want to consider Crest 3D White Whitestrips Advanced Vivid or Professional Effects which provide dramatic results and give you an important confidence boost.

I want results that last.

The best teeth whitener for you is one that will keep your teeth white and bright for a long time. There are products available at your local retailer that provide professional level whitening for up to twelve months. Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects offers noticeable results in just three days and keeps your teeth visibly whiter for up to a full year.


Getting beautiful white teeth can help improve self-esteem and confidence, and can brighten your entire smile. Once you identify your teeth whitening goals, it's time to pick the best teeth whitener to meet your needs and get started.