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Natural Teeth Whitening with Hydrogen Peroxide - Is It Effective?

Baking Soda as a Natural Teeth Whitener

There are so many myths and home remedy products claiming to be a "natural teeth whitener" that it can be hard to know for certain which solutions actually work, which don’t, and most importantly, which are safe.

Case in point: baking soda. It's found in numerous dental products, but is it effective and safe to be used on its own as a natural teeth whitener?

Baking Soda: Best Used as a Natural Teeth Whitener or Refrigerator Deodorizer?

You've probably heard about the power of baking soda as a natural teeth whitener. While it's found in many toothpastes as a natural teeth whitener, it doesn't have the same effect when applied to your toothbrush and used directly on your teeth.

Those who espouse the whitening action of baking soda as a natural teeth whitener claim that all you need to do is wet your toothbrush, sprinkle it with baking soda, and brush carefully. If you don't brush carefully, you could grind the baking soda into your gums and cause irritation. As a natural teeth whitener, baking soda will provide a tiny amount of whitening, but it is also true that you can get much more dramatic and life-changing effects by using a whitening toothpaste containing baking soda combined with at-home teeth whitening technology.

Get Better Results Than a Natural Teeth Whitener Can Offer with Crest 3D White Whitestrips

Brushing your teeth with baking soda may provide a very small amount of whitening, though you run the risk of irritating your gums if you brush too hard. Invest in the Crest 3D White collection for maximum results that are much more powerful than a natural teeth whitener.