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Best Teeth Whitening Systems

Knowing What to Look For in the Best Teeth Whitening Systems

With so many whitening products available, choosing one of the best teeth whitening systems can be a challenge. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when reviewing the best teeth whitening systems.

Evaluating the Best Teeth Whitening Systems

• How long will it take to get noticeable results?

Even among the best teeth whitening systems, the number of days it takes to see noticeable results varies greatly. Some take as few as three days, while others take up to a week.

• When will I see full results?

The time it takes to get full results when using the best teeth whitening systems ranges anywhere from a week to a month.

• How long will my teeth stay white?

Most manufacturers say the duration of results vary depending on your use of teeth-discoloring beverages like coffee, tobacco, soda, etc. However, advanced products have been proven to provide whitening that lasts up to twelve months.

• How long do I have to wear the whitening strips every day?

When reviewing the best teeth whitening systems, you'll find that daily application time also varies greatly. Some require 30 minutes twice a day, when others work in just five minutes once a day.

• Will the strips form-fit to my teeth?

Most whitening strips don't mold to your teeth but stick nicely to the surface of your teeth. There are advanced products that will gently mold to your teeth, such as Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid or Crest 3D White Professional Effects, allowing you greater flexibility and the opportunity to drink water, talk on the phone and go about your day.